Building a Strong Foundation

Sam Travelstead, Staff Reporter

My life has been centered around Trinity over the past four years.

I have maintained and developed new friendships I will carry into college as well as beyond college. I have learned necessary life skills that will enable me to be the most successful version of myself possible.

Senior Sam Travelstead

Through participation in sporting events and extracurricular activities, I have branched outside of just sticking within the confines of the campus. The classes I have taken, and the classes I am currently taking, will all help me grow intellectually.

The teachers I have learned from all see the value that I have to give the rest of the world. To use a simile, high school at Trinity has been like building a wide plateau at the base of a tall mountain. As I leave the plateau and climb up the mountain, I travel onto more rocky, uncertain terrain. When I am climbing into unknown heights, I know that I always have a plateau to fall back on. I know that no matter how high I climb or how far I deviate from the course, I have the plateau beneath me to catch me.

With all that said, I will never forget my Trinity experience for as long as I live.

Many high school students have gone “out the doors” and into the unknown of the future, just like I will be doing shortly. However, the difference is that Trinity’s doors stay open for any alumni to re-enter.

That is the experience that I will take away because I have spent four of my 17 years of life with the same people, and the bond that has been formed will always draw me back. The “plateau” or common ground between classmates holds strong.

With all that said, I will never forget my Trinity experience for as long as I live.