En Garde! — Fencing Rejoins Club Offerings

Drew Hatcher and Drew Allen, Staff Reporters

For Trinity’s Fencing Club adviser, Mr. Blake Napper, the sport is “often not about overpowering somebody. It’s about out-thinking them and out-maneuvering them.”

After a number of years without a Fencing Club, first led by former world languages teacher Mr. John Youngblood, the Rocks have reintroduced the club.

Napper sees fencing as having multiple layers and is physically and mentally demanding, even for the best of the best.

He said, “That’s why bouts are only three minutes long, because even Olympians have trouble going longer than that.”

The club meets on Fridays in the Convocation Hall, and Napper (F334) provides equipment and protective gear. Club members just have to bring “a joyful and competitive spirit.” The blades used in fencing consist of foils, epees, and sabres.  

The reintroduced Fencing Club has drawn interest from a number of students.

When I saw on the TV that there was an advertisement for the Fencing Club, I was really interested.

— Trinity sophomore Tim Jordan

Sophomore Tim Jordan said, “When I saw on the TV that there was an advertisement for the Fencing Club, I was really interested.”

Trinity Fencing Club adviser Mr. Blake Napper  photo by Drew Allen

While fencing teaches maneuvering the body effectively and is demanding, the club members definitely want to have fun. They even have some creative ways to enjoy the sport.

Jordan said, “It sounds really silly, but whoever won our little tournament that we were doing would win Scotland.”

Napper encourages students to give fencing a try.   Even though a background in athletics is not needed to join, some have fencing experience.

“I don’t do much athletic stuff, so I figured, why not try it,” sophomore Brennan Thompson said. “I did Kendo (a Japanese style of fencing) a little bit. Instead of a one-handed sword fight, it’s two-handed (with a wooden sword).”

Thompson was also inspired to join because of a movie.

Senior Drew Hatcher holds up fencing headgear.  photo by Drew Allen

He said, “When I watched ‘Braveheart,’ I figured I wanted to do a little bit of sword fighting. Sword fighting is really fun.”