A Third-Quarter Check-In with New Teachers

Jackson Heim and Bryan Merrick, Staff Reporters

As the third quarter comes to a close, the ECHO caught up with this year’s new teachers: 

Mr. Jake Savage photo by Gabriel Milby 

Mr. Jake Savage, who teaches theology and communication skills, grew up in Louisville and graduated from Trinity in 2014. He went on to the University of Louisville and the University of the Cumberlands, where he earned his master’s degree in teaching.

Savage also serves as moderator of the Spikeball Club and coaches freshman volleyball. His hobbies include “looking to travel two or three times per year, play a lot of sand volleyball, and work out when I get the chance.”

Savage’s advice to students is to “get involved in as many things you can.” Why teach at Trinity?  He said, “Coming back here to teach was always the goal. This place gave me so much as a student, and the best way I could have repaid it was to come back to teach.”

Mr. Stuart Hamilton teaches theology at Trinity. He said the year has “gone well. There was a learning curve at first but ended the second quarter a lot

Mr. Stuart Hamilton photo by Gabriel Milby

stronger.” Having earned three degrees at Bellarmine University and a master’s at St. Meinrad Seminary,  Hamilton “loves to learn.” He said he is enjoying learning about the Trinity community. A father of five, Hamilton said time management is very important. Hamilton, who taught at Bethlehem High School for 14 years, said there is a “significant difference” teaching in a coed school, but it’s always necessary to make the classes active and to make the kids think.”

Mr. Josh Nathanson graduated from University of Louisville in 2017 with a B.S. in secondary education. He

Mr. Josh Nathanson photo by Bryan Merrick

teaches social studies at Trinity.  Nathanson, who did his student teaching at Trinity, spoke about the block schedule: “I think block scheduling is great; it makes for more engaging lessons on my part throughout an entire period.” Nathanson helps run the intramural basketball league. Among his hobbies are “building Lego sets, collecting bobbleheads, and enjoying golfing.” One of the lessons Nathanson learned  in the Army and works to pass on to his students is “how helpful it is to be organized.”

Mrs. Mary Lou Whitfield teaches Algebra I, Algebra II, and

Mrs. Mary Lou Whitfield photo by Bryan Merrick

trigonometry at Trinity.  Whitfield, who taught at St. Francis of Assisi for more than 10 years, said this year has “gone really well.” Getting involved in Trinity has been important to Whitfield, who moderates  the Mu Alpha Theta group. Among her hobbies are tap dancing, hiking, and reading. A mother of four daughters, Whitfield said parenting has impacted her teaching methods. “Being a parent helps you deal with students and helps you understand how to interact with them.”