Seniors Share Advice About Seven Core Values

ECHO Staff

The Class of 2026 attended a Character Talk during advising Jan. 26 in the Convocation Hall.  An eight-member panel of seniors shared ideas about Trinity’s seven core values.

Seniors Stephen Mack, Lenny Garcia, Ben Abney, Mason Molinari, Cam Warfield, Nick Hatcher, Jack Corbett and John Kehdy spoke to the freshmen.

Following the assembly, Assistant Campus Minister Mr. Chris Luken asked teachers of freshmen to reinforce the presentation by continuing “to remind our students of the expectations.”

The seniors spoke about the following:

  • Scholarship – maximum effort of your soul
  • Discipline – time management, hard work, sports
  • Responsibility – not only accept but service — helping others
  • Honesty – character
  • Respect – no bullying, treating others with dignity
  • Courtesy – manners, etiquette, time to grow up
  • Cooperation – brotherhood