Alumni Reconnect with ‘Faith Life and Trinity Brotherhood’

ECHO Staff

Trinity alumni reconnected with faith and brotherhood at the 11th annual Alumni Retreat, held Feb. 11 in the Convocation Hall.

According to Trinity President Dr. Rob Mullen ’77, “More than 130 attended in person along with more via Zoom (from Florida to California). A loyal group of alums have organized this event since its inception. With help from the Alumni Relations staff, it was an incredibly moving experience with every participant given the chance to speak. There was Eucharistic Adoration, Mass was celebrated, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation was available. Randy Perkins and Scott Holzknecht ’97 gave two very poignant talks.”

Rev. Ron Domhoff H’98 celebrated Mass. According to notices prior to the retreat, “This is an extension of the Fourth Day of Senior Retreat and an opportunity for alumni to slow down from their busy schedules, hear gifted speakers and just sit with God in prayer.”

Special thanks went to the Alumni Retreat Planning Team: Mike Bauer ’72, Glenn Blincoe ’73, Michael Garrett, Mary Emrich H’09, Randy Perkins, Scott Holzknecht ’97, Rev. Ron Domhoff H’98, Albert Gutterman ’74, Bonnie Shellhamer, Steve Kiper ’76, Mike Magre ’83, Craig Mueller H’20, Paul Resch ’76, Chris Tompkins ’78, and Rev. Dave Zettel ’58.