A Quick Six with Spring Sports Senior Brooks Hagedorn

Liam McGaha, Editor in Chief

The baseball Rocks hit midway in the season with a sterling 17-2 record. One of the six seniors on the team, Brooks Hagedorn, answered a few questions.

Q: Why did you begin playing baseball?

A: I began playing baseball at a very young age. That was heavily influenced by my dad, who played at Louisville. It also helped that my older brother was playing too, and I wanted to be like them.

Q: How is the season going so far? 

Trinity senior Brooks Hagedorn

A: The season is going very well so far. We are currently 17-2 halfway through the season.

Q: What is your part on the team and what skills does that require?

A: I am a middle infielder on the team and part-time leadoff hitter. The skills that are required to do this are to be a good teammate, a good listener, play hard, and always be yourself.

Q: What has been your favorite memory on the team?

A: My favorite memories on the team are the long bus rides for away games with the team. Being able to be together and joke around is something I’ll miss.

Q: In what way do you plan to continue your sport after your high school career?

A: I will be continuing my sport after high school at Lincoln Memorial University, which is a Division II school in Harrogate, Tenn.

Q: What is your fondest memory of Trinity High School?

A: One of my fondest memories of Trinity High School has to be senior retreat or just all the football games. Those were a lot of fun and always lived up to the expectations.