A Quick Six with Spring Sports Senior Andrew Stammerman


photo by Landon Simpkins/Colton Cravens

Trinity senior Andrew Stammerman signed with Bellarmine University.

Drew Hatcher, Staff Reporter

Under head coach Mitch Greenwell and assistant Ben Holland, Trinity Esports notched a spring KHSAA state runner-up finish in Super Smash, held at the University of Kentucky.  The team also finished the year with a fall KHSAA state championship. A team leader, senior Andrew Stammerman, answered some questions about his Esports career.

Q: When did you begin competing in Esports? 

A: I begin competing in Esports because I wanted to get involved in something. I’m not able to compete in sports that are more physically active, so Esports is a perfect fit for me. I’ve also been playing video games sense I was a young kid, so I knew going into it, I’d already be pretty good!

Q: What was your role on the team?  

A: Last season, my role was varsity team captain. But this season, I stepped down for another member of the team to get a chance. This year, I’m just a normal varsity player on the team.

Q: What skills did that require? 

A: The skills/requirements for playing on the team are quite simple. All you need to do is be able to show up and take things seriously. You’re required to do three training forms every week to show proof that you’re practicing at home. And you’re also required to go to one local event hosted by a college or public group nearby every two weeks. 

…to me walking into Trinity in the morning and seeing a bunch of people I know wakes me up and excites me for the day.

— Trinity senior Andrew Stammerman

Q: What was your favorite memory from competing in Esports?

A: I have many amazing memories on the team. I think my favorite memory was winning the state championship in December. We were all so excited. It was totally unexpected, and we all went home feeling fulfilled that night. I’d say my next best memory, though, is interacting with my teammates and hanging out with them over the summer. We all feel like family to each other, so we spent time together all the time last summer. It was pretty awesome.

Q: In what ways do you plan to continue your sport after your high school career?

A: As you probably know, I’ve been signed with Bellarmine for Esports. I plan to help Bellarmine to grow their team and to play for them. I’m the first step to making their team at Bellarmine amazing.

Q: What is your fondest memory of Trinity High School? 

A: My fondest memory at Trinity is when I walk down the hallways and wave, saying hi to my friends. It might sound a little boring or dumb, but to me walking into Trinity in the morning and seeing a bunch of people I know wakes me up and excites me for the day. I wave to teachers, fellow peers, and even team members. It’s a huge contrast to how I felt freshman year when I knew barely anyone except the few people I came to Trinity with from my middle school.