Sophomores Learn to ‘Lead, Follow, and Interact with Compassion and Empathy’

ECHO Staff

Throughout this week, members of the Class of 2025 are being taught some powerful lessons. 

Sophomore Retreats, held Apr. 24-28 at the Earth and Spirit Center, are coordinated by Trinity’s Campus Ministry.

According to Assistant Campus Minister Mr. Chris Luken, each sophomore will attend a daylong “retreat on Christian Leadership, focusing on what it means to lead, follow, and interact with compassion and empathy.”

Sophomores attend by House, with two Houses and five faculty members going each day. The two Houses are split into five smaller groups.

Apr. 24 (W)- Aquinas and Becket

Apr. 25 (G)- Dante and Flannan

Apr. 26 (W)- Gonzaga and Merton

Apr. 27 (G)- Patrick and Romero

Apr. 28 (W)- Seton and Toussaint