Greg Bader Brings New Knowledge and Coaching to the Rocks

Greg Bader Brings New Knowledge and Coaching to the Rocks

Many fresh faces joined the Trinity faculty and staff this year. One of these teachers is Greg Bader of the

Photography by Davis Gallahue

social studies department. Bader is also involved as a coach for the Rocks basketball team.  Bader is ready to give his all to teach academics and coach the basketball team to help lead us to a successful school year and season.

Bader heard about the brotherhood and community at Trinity and how passionate the students and teachers were about the school, so he came to check it out. He has enjoyed his first month and loves the block scheduling. He enjoys having different days rather than having a repetitive schedule that is the same every day. Most of this first month has been spent finding his way around the school, but he is starting to get the hang of it.

Bader has previous teaching experience in both public and Catholic schools in both Louisville and New York. When he first came to Trinity, he was surprised by the size of the school and student body. Another big part of Trinity that is new to Bader is the all-boys student body. To Bader, an all-boys school means less drama for him to hear about. “I also enjoy the maturity of the high school boys, not always, but for the most part.” He also enjoys the humor that teaching teenage boys brings.

One thing that is not new to Bader is the house system as he had seen a smaller version when teaching at Saint Mary Academy. He is excited about the house activities this year. While teaching at Saint Mary Academy he got a glimpse of the house system. He is excited to see how it works and be able to watch his students participate in a bigger and better house system as a mentor for Aquinas house.

Bader says he always had a feeling he wanted to teach. When Bader started coaching a small high school basketball team while he was in college that showed him what teaching means to him. Bader is inspired by many people, but above all is his sister who is fighting stage four breast cancer. She continues to fight back and that is what inspires Bader to be strong and do what he must do.

Outside of school, Bader is a huge fan of sports. His favorite sport to play is basketball as he is on the coaching staff for the basketball team. Other activities he enjoys are running as well as lifting weights to keep him in shape. Outside of sports his favorite way to spend his time is at the lake with his friends.

Bader is an excellent fit for the staff at Trinity and is excited to bring his talent and knowledge to the school’s facilities. Trinity wishes the best for Bader this new year and that he stays to continue helping create men of faith and character at Trinity High School.

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