Faith and Learning Unite: Introducing Trinity’s Weston Kenney

Faith and Learning Unite: Introducing Trinity’s Weston Kenney

Weston Kenney walked through Trinity’s doors for the first time this August. Kenney is a first-year theology teacher who instructs Senior Catholic Social Teaching and Junior Theology classes. Kenney is a mentor in Dante House and has dived headfirst into involvement here. Kenney is the moderator of the spikeball club and co-moderator of Trinity’s speech and debate team.

Kenney was born and raised in Bowling Green, Ky. He grew up loving sports and played football all throughout high school. During his senior year, Kenney transferred to Warren East High School. He then went on to receive an interdisciplinary degree at Western Kentucky University (WKU). During his time at WKU, Kenney studied photojournalism and planned to pursue that as a career but ultimately decided it was not for him. Shortly after his graduation, Kenney went to do mission work for an organization called FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) in which he started to get in touch with his faith. “It was really at that time where I just sort of discovered, well, okay, I love my faith and I love sharing my faith. How can I project this into the future, into a career?”

Kenney continued his work with FOCUS for two years after college, then went to teach at a Catholic middle school, St. Charles, in St. Louis, Missouri. “The biggest difference between here and St. Charles is now I’m looking up to 6 foot 4 Seniors instead of middle schoolers.” Kenney noted that height isn’t the only change. “Each person is so individualistic. So how you present things, how you talk to them, it’s all different.”

Kenney heard of the need for a theology teacher here through his sister-in-law who is also a teacher in Louisville. “She sent me the application, and as I did my research, it started to kind of just add up with everything that I’ve wanted.” Kenney knew he wanted to teach at a school with a strong sense of brotherhood. “My biggest desire was always to teach high school specifically at an all-boys Catholic high school.”

Kenney is currently the co-moderator of Trinity’s Speech and Debate Team as well the moderator of the spikeball club. “I would love to get back into photography… I still love visuals, whether that be stills or video… I would love to get involved with that in the future.”

Kenney hopes to be teaching at Trinity for years to come. “Once I kind of learned about it and learned about its core tenets, everything, I was like, okay, this is where I want to plant my roots.”

Welcome to Trinity, Mr. Kenney!

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    Anthony LococoSep 26, 2023 at 11:06 am

    Strong use of quotes, Chaz! Interesting piece!