Trinity Welcomes New CAD and Communication Skills Teacher Hallie Epperson

Trinity Welcomes New CAD and Communication Skills Teacher Hallie Epperson

It is Hallie Epperson’s first year teaching here at Trinity. Epperson is excited about being here as a member of the Trinity community. This year, she is teaching computer-aided design (CAD) and communication skills; on top of this, Epperson is the FBLA moderator and the speech and debate team co-coach.

Epperson was born and raised in Louisville, KY, and spent her high school days at Assumption High School. After Assumption, Epperson decided to go to college at Western Kentucky University. A few years later Epperson went over to Spalding University to get her master’s degree.

When asked about how her time has been at Trinity so far, Epperson replied with “I have really loved my time at Trinity so far. It is pretty different from my time at Mercy, but it has been challenging in a good way.”

Epperson also said that she has a big Trinity family herself, so she has always had a goal of teaching here. Clearly, she is enjoying the school. “There are so many benefits to being at Trinity, I have a hard time picking just one that is my favorite.” It is safe to say Epperson is having a great start to her career at Trinity and is feeling more welcome because of all the new teachers that are joining her this year. The specific teachers that Epperson mentioned were Mr. Weston and Mr. Bader who are also new teachers this year. Epperson also said that every teacher has been very welcoming to her so far.

Epperson has a history with art, using her knowledge to teach art at Mercy Academy. She is a talented artist herself, already using her artistic ability to help her advising make an exceptional Pride Week poster. Epperson is part of the Flannan house and seems adamant about winning some house competitions and bringing Flannan their first house title. The Trinity community is looking forward to all that Epperson brings to the table.



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