Two Cultures, One Person

Two Cultures, One Person

Moving from a one culture to another can be challenging, but Trinity High School’s very own Chinese
language teacher, Yinghao Dong, has made it obvious that anyone can adjust to change. Dong moved across the world to accompany her husband to America as he completed his PhD. She is always finding a way to help her family.

Since Dong moved to the United States, she has luckily become very comfortable. She claimed it was an easy transition for her. “It was easy to adjust, because there are many friendly people. It was easy to blend into basic daily life.”

Dong mentioned the hardest adjustment was the cultural differences due to her being brought up so differently. Additionally, cities not developing at a rapid rate, just like they do in China. Dong noticed that challenges and opportunities coexisted. Speaking about diversity and inclusivity, she mentioned it was sometimes hard to adapt to everyday cultural life.

Dong first joined Trinity’s teaching staff in 2018 after moving to Louisville, and she became the
only Chinese language teacher on campus. She mentioned she loves working at Trinity for a variety of reasons but her favorite part about working at Trinity “is being able to work with a group of outstanding colleagues who feel like family, and witnessing a group of young and energetic individuals working hard for their futures.”

Dong plans on staying at Trinity, which means our beloved Chinese language teacher is going to make an impact on even more students in the future.

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