Dealing with Injuries as a High School Athlete

Dealing with Injuries as a High School Athlete

Being injured as an athlete in high school is not fun, especially when your sport is in season. There are various negative factors of being injured, such as possibly performing at a lower level than you had been in your sport. Things like this can make you really take for granted having a healthy body. To shed some light on these injured athletes, ECHO took some time to interview some of Trinity’s athletes that are currently injured or have been injured in the past.

Injuries can happen anywhere at any time, unfortunately for junior track athlete Brady Morgan, he broke his wrist during PE class after landing on it to brace his fall. This was a case of how athletes can sometimes just be at the wrong place at the wrong time and get super unlucky.

The everyday life of these athletes is a big adjustment for them when they can’t do simple tasks that they usually can do. Senior football player Hunter Johnson is having to deal with the struggle of crutching around every day. Johnson injured himself over time with wear and tear in his iliac wing. He was in a bunch of pain when he knew that he injured himself on the field and “cried like a baby.”  He mentioned it hasn’t been easy since. “It’s hard to think about the positives and get around places.” Short and to the point, it shows how an injury can inconvenience an athlete in many ways on and off the field.

Lastly, senior soccer player Pablo Gomez  talked about his recent knee injury. Gomez sprained his MCL in his right knee in a game against Ballard in mid-August. Gomez has an injury that takes some time to heal as he didn’t return to play until early in October. At first, Gomez tried to play through his injury but later realized his injury was much more serious and made the smart decision to sit out. Gomez mentioned there were some positives to take away from this. “The next day is not always promised.” Gomez is grateful to be a soccer rock and is excited to get back on the field.

This is just three examples of the many Trinity athletes; it’s clear this is an unfortunately common occurrence. Injuries happen often as an athlete, so often that it is reported that 90 percent of athletes get injured at least once throughout their high school career (Weinstein Legal).

Connecting the common threads amongst the interviewed athletes: it’s crucial to remain positive and do what your body needs to recover. Trinity hopes for every athlete to have a speedy recovery and wishes all the best to them.

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