Big Plans and Big Projects

Big Plans and Big Projects

Dr. Rob Mullen, president of Trinity, talked about the future of the Rock nation with the ECHO. With many new projects in store, the Shamrocks couldn’t be more excited.

The new tennis center is a big project for Trinity, as Trinity has been trying to expand its campus. Mullen said, “We have owned the property for many decades. With the artificial turf in the stadium, we have not needed the Sears Avenue property as much for practices. Some donors stepped up and have made it possible to build a tennis center. Then we talked more about it, and he said it was always the plan to make that building.” Mullen continued, “Using the land for something other than practice is a recent development.’’ This was an issue that Trinity needed to solve and with help from donors, they got it done and the tennis Rocks will be ready for action this year.

Another upcoming addition to Trinity’s campus is the STEM building at the end of Sherrin Ave. Mullen elaborated on its purpose: “Early plans see locating more STEM labs in that facility plus the art department. The spaces they vacate can be used for other school programs. Acquiring the building is a major win for us.’’ This building will also include STEM-related courses that are immensely popular. Expanding these opportunities with more STEM courses tied to various careers is the plan. Schools with STEM spaces like this have also seen an increase in technology-based art classes, such as animation. The building provides Trinity with many opportunities. This is a great addition to the campus and many students will find this interesting, especially with new courses that will be available in the future.

There is also the new courtyard at Trinity, and Mullen says the Eckerle Courtyard created several advantages: (a) space for alumni and student activities like the recent Rockin’, (b) another pedestrian passageway between the west and east sides of campus, (c) space for classes to use, (d) it furthered our goal to have a college-like campus that has trees, grass, gathering areas, benches and an overall welcoming feel.

The Trinity community is excited for the new buildings and classes alike. Here at Trinity, students have so much to be exited for thanks to Dr. Mullen, the entire faculty and staff, and Trinity’s donors.

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