“Vintageness”: A Senior’s Love for his Car

Vintageness: A Seniors Love for his Car

Senior Cameron Buttorff drives one of the most interesting and one of the oldest cars at Trinity High School: a 1995 BMW 318ti. This classic has been his transportation ever since he could drive, and Buttorff loves the beauty. He has big plans for his car’s future as well as many stories to share.

Buttorff got the BMW (beamer) as a gift for high school. The car was owned by his aunt that offered it when he was looking for a car. Buttorff had seen the car years before when he visited and had eyes on it ever since. When he was given the opportunity, he jumped at it. Buttorff always loved the old feel to it.

There are many things Buttorff loves about his BMW. Buttorff has a deep love for the looks of his beamer. He loves the “vintageness” and the 90’s feel to it. On the contrary, there are also things Buttorff hates about the classic. Buttorff hates the inside door panel the most. It’s on its last leg and Buttorff must grab and shut the door from the top of the door for it to close. However, most of his issues can be fixed. Buttorff has already had to tweak the car up a little bit.

One of the upgrades Buttorff has made to his car are his speakers. “Subs, I love my subs. Two I want to say 16-inch subs in a box.” These speakers can make his whole car shake and are just what Buttorff needs to get him up in the morning. He has also had to fix his front wheel as well as his window since he got the car. One time while driving in the rain, the car’s poor traction caused Buttorff to slide and hit a median which took out the wheel.

The wheels are one of the things Buttorff wishes to change about his car. Buttorf says if he could change one thing about his car it would be the traction of the wheels. He claims that’s a scary thing for him. Another thing he would change would be a new engine. His current one eats away at his gas because the poor thing has been hauling for 230,000 miles.

When asked about his plans with the car, Buttorff said, “Until its wheels fall off and I can’t drive it anymore.” Buttorf plans on finding how much he’s put into the car, and he will ride it to its grave. Buttorf told ECHO later that he plans on keeping the body until he’s older and fully restoring the car as a later project.

Buttorff’s classic 1995 BMW 318ti is one of if not the oldest car driven by a Trinity student. The car could use some tweaks and fixes, but Buttorff loves it regardless. Later in life you may see Buttorff driving his restored BMW when he gets the funds to fix it up. Buttorff and his appreciation for his older car shows the world that not only the new things are the good things.

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