A New Place and a New Face

A New Place and a New Face

This year, a new space opened for students on the third floor of Old Trinity: a brand-new learning support center. This center is home to state-of-the-art equipment and our two learning support coordinators, Jaclyn Bisig and Jane Vories, the latter being new to the community. 

The Learning Support Center opened this school year and is located at the Floresh Hall / Old Trinity intersection. The space is available for all students but will primarily be used for students with Learning Support Programs and those who need additional assistance. The center is home to many accommodations, such as quiet areas, individual tables with dividers, and flexible seating options.  

 Alongside all of the accommodations the center is home to Trinity’s full time Learning Support Program Coordinators, Jaclyn Bisig, and new to Trinity, Jane Vories. Vories joined the Trinity community after fall break and has gotten right into the swing of things.  

 Vories graduated from Sacred Heart Academy in 2010, then went to the University of Louisville to get her bachelor’s degree in psychology. After her time at UofL, she pursued her master’s in teaching at Bellarmine. Prior to Trinity, Vories taught at Meredith-Dunn for nine years. “Education’s very important to me, and I truly believe that having help with education is important too. There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” 

 Vories has already settled into her role here, teaching traditional sophomore English classes. “Everyone’s been very kind, our students and staff, and I’m really happy to be here.” Vories grew up in the area and when it was time to make the switch from Meredith-Dunn, she said “…it’s a very familiar area. And Trinity is known for their great tradition, and their excellency. That’s at least what I know about Trinity, they take pride and I love the diverse community here. I think that’s important.” 

 As this year continues, Vories has some goals in mind. “I hope by the end of the year to have established great relationships with more of the students here, especially the students that come in to the Learning Support center, I hope that there’s more awareness of the Learning Support Center being here and that more students continue to come in to get help, whether that’s to come in to take a test during one of their blocks or if they want to come in during advising to get help.” 

 Vories encourages students to come and check out the Learning Support center. “If anybody wants to just say hi and say friendly face thing, stop in and say hello. Also, if students are struggling with their grades and they need help, I’m here to help.” 

 Welcome to the Trinity family Mrs. Vories! 

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    Dan ZoellerNov 10, 2023 at 11:09 am

    This is a great new space with some very talented and dedicated women working there.