Trinitys student section when the Shamrocks took on St. X for a second time in the season.
Trinity’s student section when the Shamrocks took on St. X for a second time in the season.
Ethan Moody

Friday Night Rocks

The Shamrock’s football season went on for five whole months. Many Fridays, the Rocks hosted a football game at Shamrock Stadium. After each game, one could find articles on how good the Rocks’ players played. The one thing the articles never talked about was the fans, especially the Shamrocks’ student section. One might argue that the Rocks’ student section is the most important part of those home games because the students’ chants and cheers gave the players the energy to play as well as they did.

The Rocks’ student section is one of, if not the most, electric high school student sections in the state. The Rocks’ student section showed up and showed out for all nine home games. For all nine home games, the Rocks’ student section would always be helping all the players during their games by giving them energy and getting them hyped up. It kept the players hyped up during the game through their cheering, yelling, dancing, and Trinity’s famous chants, such as T-R-T-R-I-T-R-I-N-I-T-Y … Shamrocks- Shamrocks.

With all the hype and energy, the Rocks’ student section brings to the games, the credit they most deserve is how the Rocks’ students stay after the final whistle is blown, no matter the weather, no matter if it’s a win or loss, to sing the Trinity Alma Mater with the team. No matter if credit is given or not the Rocks’ student section, they will always be there to support their Trinity brothers.

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