Trinity Legend Spotlight: Mrs. DeGolian

Trinity Legend Spotlight: Mrs. DeGolian

Betsy DeGolian is no stranger around the halls at Trinity High School. Through her nine years here, it is safe to say she has been involved in as much as she can. In addition to being Trinity’s beloved librarian, DeGolian teaches two classes (AP Research and African American History), coordinates all textbooks, helps moderate the National Honors Society, is the co-moderator of the Black Student Union (which she also helped start), and she also co-moderates St. Joseph of Arimathea club. “I’m so involved because I believe in what Trinity is doing. I want to be involved and be a part of what we do here, I want to be a part of our mission.”

Below is a Q&A conducted with The ECHO and Mrs. DeGolian….

Q: How has Trinity affected you since you have been here?

A: “It has made me a better teacher, and it has helped me understand students in a better way,” said DeGolian. She said she has “met some great people at Trinity” and considers them some of her best friends. “I have grown a ton in the 9 years I have been here at Trinity.”

Q: Who has been the most influential person in your life?

A: “My mom,” she said. “She is very intelligent and compassionate. She is probably the best person I know”. Her mom was an elementary school teacher in Easley, South Carolina. She taught for over 30 years and even taught DeGolian math when she was in fifth and sixth grade.

Q: Which teachers have helped you the most in your time at Trinity?

A: “Mr. Schum. He does a great job connecting with, and teaching students of all different learning levels” she said. She tends to lean on him for advice and ask him what he would do in certain situations she might be in.

Q: What is it about Trinity that has kept you around?

A: “I love working with the students here, there is so much fun,” DeGolian said. But the main thing she enjoys about the students here at Trinity is how dedicated they are to learning. But that isn’t all she enjoys about Trinity. “My favorite part about Trinity though is the environment. It is very much a family environment, and I really like being here because of that.”

Q: What would you preach to someone on the fence about where they want to attend high school?

A:”Its the sense of family and camaraderie here. I love the sense of brotherhood although I am a female,” she said. She loves how Trinity can bring kids from all different backgrounds together. DeGolian is a big fan of Trinity’s mission, and Trinity’s approach to teaching. We are all appreciative of her and the impact she has left on the Trinity community!

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