Trinity Legend Spotlight: Jeff Becker

Mr. Jeffrey Becker
Mr. Jeffrey Becker
Jackson Supsky

Legendary Trinity teacher Jeffery Becker used to walk the halls of Trinity as a student, but now as a teacher, he gets to see Trinity from a new perspective. Becker graduated from Trinity in 1990, and ten years later, he got the call to come teach at Trinity.

When asked what the transition was like going from a student to a teacher at Trinity he said “It’s funny because I always look back on my time as a student. When I’m walking the halls and like how it used to be… our old cafeteria was down where the science labs are…but just seeing yourself in some of these students, it’s pretty neat.”

When Becker graduated from Trinity in 1990, he got his bachelor’s degree at Eastern Kentucky University, then furthered his education by getting his master’s degree at the University of Louisville. Becker started his teaching career at Seneca High School, then was hired at Shawnee High School in 1998. Two years later, he took the job at Trinity.

Becker’s passion for coaching is what led him into his teaching career. “I was coaching baseball really and that got me into teaching. It kind of fit… being a teacher, being a coach, but I liked working with kids.” He went on to elaborate, “My mom always said “you’d be a great teacher.” So, me and one of my older sisters are actually two teachers in the family because she was good with kids too.” Being a teacher must be in the Becker family blood.

Becker has many things he loves about Trinity, but his favorite thing is “the students, just being with them and, you know, just the interaction with them in class, seeing the smiles on their faces when they do really well or it might not be related to my class.” His support is just one of the things that gives Becker legendary status.

Outside of Trinity’s walls, you can catch Becker at the ballpark or spending time with his family. Becker enjoys sports and he shares that with his students with his legendary “Becker’s Picks”, where he predicts the result of upcoming sports games. The Trinity community is lucky to have Becker around to bring the spirits up and offer guidance, whether it be about sports or life.

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