Fitness Tips with Coach Robertson

Fitness Tips with Coach Robertson

Tyler Robertson is a huge part of the Trinity athletic department.  Because of this, the ECHO decided he’d be the perfect person to help Trinity students remember important information on nutrition and fitness.

Robertson, the head coach of the Trinity freshman basketball team, had a lot to go over when asked about the topic.

When asked about how he got into fitness as a kid, Robertson stated, “I guess the first person I ever saw working out was my dad when I was a kid. Then, growing up playing sports you know there was always older guys that showed me about basketball and stuff like that.”

Robertson then went on to say how important he thinks it is for the younger generation to get influenced by adults at a young age when getting into sports.

Robertson then reflected on how important it is for anyone still growing to have a healthy diet and good nutrition by saying, “I think as you get older, you start to learn more about the nutrition and how important it is than just the exercise. So, I think with basketball players or athletes in general, it’s about, first, getting enough nutrition and then worrying about trying to fine tune the details and get the proper nutrition to maximize your results.”

From that, Robertson went into detail about his specific advice. Robertson stated, “I would say, first, let’s make sure we’re eating enough. And then second, let’s start cleaning up what we’re eating and making healthier choices. But most teenagers, especially if they’re active, a lot of times, it’s not eating enough.”

To wrap up the interview, Robertson talked about how eating healthy has affected his life. “Making small changes gradually led me to feeling better and feeling better is always good because you always want to feel good and not be drained or feel bad. So, I think that by making small changes, I started to notice the big differences it can make.” Stay healthy out there, Trinity.

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