Checking in with New Trinity Teachers

New Trinity teacher Greg Bader
New Trinity teacher Greg Bader
Dean Verret

In the fall, the ECHO published articles introducing the community to the new teachers here at Trinity. It is time to check back in and see how they’re doing. Teachers Greg Bader and Carson Webb shared some insight on their experience at Trinity so far and answered some more questions about themselves:

Greg Bader is a new face who teaches freshman history and coaches the varsity basketball Rocks. Anyone who knows Bader knows he loves coaching basketball, and it’s been a positive experience for him this first year. In the interview, he said, “I love that it’s a winning culture, we are all in it together… united as a family.” Another question, just asked purely for fun, was about fast food. Bader has a strong love for it, and Cane’s chicken is his favorite. To help get to know him even more, Bader was also asked where in the world would he travel for free. His answer? Hawaii.

Carson Webb, a history teacher and former soccer coach, shared some of his experiences here at Trinity as well as some facts about himself. Webb’s love for the students at Trinity is what gets him up every day and motivates him. “The kids seem to genuinely care more about their education more than I’ve ever seen at any other school.” Webb feels that he gets to branch out on topics and teach more enthusiastically with the students at Trinity. Webb isn’t a huge fan of fast food, but if he had to pick it would be the all-loved McDonald’s. Webb when asked where in the world he would travel for free. His answer? Also Hawaii.

Bader and Webb continue to make a difference at Trinity, and it is great to hear it’s been a good transition. Welcome, once again!

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