A New Head of Houses

A New Head of Houses

One of the unique experiences Trinity offers to its students is the house system, an interactive way for students of all grades to participate in faith, brotherhood, and character events together. Adam Klein has been the Head of Houses for seven years, organizing, scheduling, and running numerous events, while keeping track of countless data, including house points. After years of dedication, Klein is stepping down at the end of the 2023-2024 school year, and Wesley Thomas will be taking over the role.

Thomas was a student at Trinity when the house system was first started by the now principal Dr. Dan Zoeller. Thomas got to experience the birth of these annual events and the first house cup challenge. The house system was the first of its kind in any public or private school in the state and one of the first in the nation. Thomas took leadership positions in the house system from the beginning, becoming a house captain his senior year as a part of student government. Because of his experience with the system, Thomas was asked to help start the house system at Holy Cross High School (called the Guild System) where Thomas previously taught. When Thomas came back to Trinity to teach, he was immediately asked to become one of the 10 house directors based on his past experience. Thomas is a great replacement for Klein: he has seen the house system from a student’s perspective; he has seen the formation of two different house systems; and recently, has served as Becket’s house director.

Over the next couple of years, Thomas plans to expand the online presence of the house system. Creating a portal through student landing page trinity.rocks. He would like to implement a feature where students may keep up with the house point standings in real time. This would also be a place for students to see up coming events and competitions, and even a place for them to sign up for the events.

I think the heart of the house system happens during advising…that relationship should be the central focus. That is the front line of building community.

— Wesley Thomas

Thomas also feels a need to redirect focus. “I feel sometimes we get so focused on the competitive side that we miss the celebratory side of the house system…celebrating and shining a spotlight on the many gifts and talents of the school community.” Thomas plans to create more opportunities for students who don’t normally get to shine, adding in more competitions everyone can be a part of. Thomas also expresses the importance of advising. “I think the heart of the house system happens during advising…that relationship should be the central focus. That is the front line of building community.” Finding new ways to help build the community will be one of the challenges Thomas will face directly as the new Head of Houses.

Thomas will be the fifth Head of Houses at Trinity and feels confident that, with the support and knowledge of all four former heads of houses behind him (all of whom are still at Trinity), the first year will be a smooth transition and a strong pivoting point to leap into the future of the house system.

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    Dan ZoellerApr 23, 2024 at 6:40 pm

    Mr. Thomas will do a great job. Just as Mr. Klein brought renewed energy and ideas to advance its mission, I’m grateful Mr. Thomas will bring his own vision and new opportunities for students. Very exciting news!