Trinity’s Class of 2025 Vice President: Dashal Smothers

Trinitys Class of 2025 Vice President: Dashal Smothers

The class officers for the 2024-25 school year are set. Rising senior Dashal Smothers, who was elected vice president, is extremely excited and is looking forward to his role next year.

“When I was given the chance to advocate for the student body, I took it.” Smothers ran for the position because he wanted to address concerns around school, advance his leadership here, and help lost voices be heard.

Smothers’s “willingness to go above and beyond” is what helped him boast a strong case during elections and secure his position. He also has been a house rep for the past two years for Merton house, meaning he has previous experience in representing the student body. Smothers has advanced public speaking skills which could also help out in being heard.

As vice president at Trinity, there are a variety of jobs and responsibilities that come with it. One of his main jobs will be working with the other senior class officers to create a class motto and a class poster. This has been a tradition at Trinity for decades and Smothers feels that “it is my job to continue that tradition and expand upon it with my ideas.” Another thing he helps with is planning senior prom. Smothers and other senior class officers will work with teachers to make senior prom the amazing, special experience that it is.

During his time as vice president, Smothers wants to “learn more about the inner workings of Trinity” and “expand on the rich school culture.” He believes that getting to see behind the scenes of the school will help him preach the student bodies’ opinion and better our school community.

Here at Trinity, Smothers is involved with Beta Club, and NHS which help him give back to the community. He has a lot of interest in STEM, which led him to join Trinity’s STEM club and ACE mentoring club. Also, he attends a variety of service events in and out of school to represent Trinity. Outside of school, Smothers volunteers at a special needs foundation and helps coordinate events for the homeless with a non-profit. He works at Del Frisco’s steakhouse, plays volleyball, and in his free time plays video games.

The ECHO staff is looking forward to Smothers’s leadership next year.

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