Trinity’s Class of 2025 Treasurer: Max Black

Trinitys Class of 2025 Treasurer: Max Black

Rising senior Max Black recently ran for and won the role of Trinity’s next student body treasurer.  

Through our interview, it is clear that Black is very outgoing and hardworking and goes above and beyond inside and outside the classroom. Black really embodies what it means to be “All In” at Trinity, as Black went into the race for treasurer only knowing the role will be hard and a tedious process, win or lose. Black was encouraged “to become more involved with Trinity and leave a lasting impact on not only the class of 2025, but all classes to come.”  

To illustrate Black’s willingness to put in the work, he described the process of running for office. The first step was to fill out a form letting the office know he will be running. Next, he had to create a one slide PowerPoint which showed a little about who he is, but more importantly, why he should fill this role for the year to come. This was a massive part in the running, because these slides were shown across the whole campus for a week letting the school see who their potential class officers could be. The next part was the first in person part of the process: Black had to speak in front of the other potential class treasures and explain why he is the best suited for this role. The final stage of the election was the actual voting, and there were two rounds of it.

Black went into the running with a positive mindset: “If you really put your mind to it, you can 100% do it.” Black kept this “All In” mindset and stayed present throughout the running. Black proved to his beliefs that if you really put your mind to it you can do it, so hopefully that message continues for others next year.

As stated above, Black is a very hardworking and outgoing individual. When Black isn’t at school, you can find him in the gym, as he is very big on lifting and physical health. Black is also a current member of NHS, plans to be a part of Beta Club next year, and is now a class of 2025 officer.  

The ECHO staff is looking forward to seeing all that Black will achieve in office next year.

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