Trinity Students Become Entrepreneurs

Trinity Students Become Entrepreneurs

Trinity High School students Connor Smith and Rocco Pfeiffer have stepped foot into the entrepreneurial business: they recently started a clothing business where they sells clothes of any type to Trinity students, but also students from any other high schools around Louisville.

In an interview with the ECHO, Smith was asked what his new business, Timeless Threads, was all about. “Timeless Threads is an Instagram account where I sell clothes I find at Goodwill and other locations that I resell.”

Smith said he has found some interesting and unique pairs of clothing to sell. He sells all different types of clothing including vintage T-shirts, hoodies, and jackets. Most apparel that he sells is based on some sort of college. “[I] try to find college shirts, any type of college stuff, vintage, and I find clothes that I think people that I know would like and then I post it on the Instagram.”

Connor Smith

Smith’s inspiration behind the business was the app TikTok. Smith said he saw an account on the app that was selling clothing and thought to himself,  “You know what? I probably could do this, too.” He started the business and has not looked back ever since.

When asked about pursuing the business further into his life, Smith said it just depends on how well the business ends up doing in the next few months. Smith has a lot of responsibility during his junior year at Trinity, limiting the amount of time that he can put into his business. Smith says that once summer comes around, he will be more active on different social media platforms. “But right now since the junior year, it’s a little bit, I’m pretty busy with a lot of things going on. So, I haven’t been as active on Instagram. So definitely in the summertime, I’ll be able to… post more stuff and get more clothes.”

Smith runs the account with his fellow classmate Rocco Pfeiffer as they help grow the business. Smith said, “I run it with Rocco Pfeiffer. And we both split up the profit each and we buy clothes on our own and then we sell it.”

Students at Trinity can look to Smith and Pfeiffer as inspiration in taking initiative and putting effort into something you care about. You can find Smith’s business on Instagram: “timeless._threadz.” We wish Smith and Pfeiffer the best with this new, exciting opportunity that they have seized.

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