Romero Rocks Rockin’

ECHO Staff

The freshmen of Romero House, led by Director Dave Case, captured the Rockin’ Cup.  Merton House placed second. The annual event, coordinated by Sr. Kathy Cash and Case, featured an activities fair and competitive activities.

From basketball three-point to Trinity Jeopardy, relays, an obstacle course and balloon toss, along with pass/punt, team ski, Jenga and American Slide, the Class of 2018 had a day filled with friendly competition.

Cash and Case thanked those involved: “This is just a big thanks… for everything that everybody did for Rockin’ today.  We are grateful to all who stepped up to help work events and spend time with the freshmen.  We truly appreciate everybody who helped set up spaces or allowed us to use their space today.  Thanks to all teachers of seniors who graciously let us use some of your students today to lead our newest members of the Trinity family.  This event does not happen without significant effort on everyone’s part…thanks to all who made this one of the smoothest Rockin’s ever!”

Photos were taken by Ryan Kelly, Chris Price and Tommy McConville.