For many in the Class of 2013, time flew by

Just two weeks ago, as the clock wound down, with summer just around the corner, the seniors of Trinity were just steps away from being alumni. I asked a few seniors to flash back — to think about the past four years that many said “flew by.” Senior Jackson Spivak, a Dante House member who plans on going to the Florida Institute of Technology, said, “Trinity helped me prepare myself and motivate me toward my goals I want to achieve in life. I couldn’t suggest a better high school for any young man.” It wasn’t easy for many seniors to say goodbye to a school like Trinity. Some thought about senior retreat and its effect. Senior Daniel Hogan said, “Honestly, (Trinity) made me a better person. Trinity made me prepared for college. After retreat, it feels like (other seniors) are your family.” Senior Adam Houk said of his Trinity experience: “I now have long-lasting friendships. Trinity also built me a strong base for my future studies. It has truly made me a man of character.” What did the Class of 2013 president have to say about his time at Trinity? Chris Hubbard said, “(Trinity) has simply done a lot for me. Same with the freshmen retreats and especially the senior retreats. The teachers are real role models, and they’re the ones who make you a better person.” Hubbard, who received a scholarship to play soccer for Notre Dame, pointed to the preparation for college he received at Trinity: “I’ve become more mature and ready for college, no matter where I go. They gave me the tools I needed. They taught me to get my full potential for college.”