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    GrampaJan 23, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    I’ve only seen six of the movies on your lists.
    Blue J. was typical Woody Allen. Depressed, stressed, and anxiety ridden characters. Enjoyed somewhat, but old hat.
    Great G. Somewhat confusing. Parts were lowbrow comedy, parts drama, and parts exaggerated nonsense. I was disappointed.
    Fruitvale S. was well scripted and acted with good sets. I enjoyed the movie. A story that needed telling.
    Francis H. was had excellent acting by the main character. I really enjoyed her wacky personality.
    Conjuring scared the daylights out of me. Well done!
    Captain P was a very good movie. Hanks did his usual excellent performance.
    Gave me some insight into a subject I knew little about.

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