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Does digital explosion mean a fond farewell for film?

Tyler Harris December 9, 2013

For the past 130 years, cinema has captured the hearts and minds of millions. The craft has seen changes -- and made changes --  and so another question arises: What is the impact of digital video...

Applying to colleges a multifaceted process

Ryan Coleman November 29, 2013

Trinity is a college preparatory high school, requiring completion of a certain number of courses in a variety of subject areas, designed to prepare students for the classes they will have in college....

Looking into the causes of OCD

Devon Little November 29, 2013

Many people assume that obsessive-compulsive disorder explains Johnny’s neat stack of books, Sandy’s regular use of hand sanitizer, or little Jordan’s frustration over how you handle his things....

Bringing the news to The Rock

David Mulhall November 18, 2013

Getting news to people comes in many forms.  Even if you're just starting out, relaying information to your friends, your mission is the same as a big-time newscaster. At Trinity, one way of getting...

When Cupid gives us heartburn

Austin Sanders November 18, 2013

Sound familiar? You meet someone and you begin going out.  You think things are great. Suddenly, the relationship is over.  Sound familiar? We all go through heartbreak, but how do we handle...

Survey shows THS students’ TV time lower than national average

Devon Little October 23, 2013

Between 2004 and 2012, the amount of television watched by American teens grew from three hours to four hours a day. This is a large portion of the day, and means television is an important part of...

Frustrating or soothing, music wields power over emotions

ECHO Staff October 22, 2013

Music -- we all listen to it, we all love some genres of it, but not many of us possess the talent to perform it. An estimated three percent of the world population plays a musical instrument. But of that three...

Scouting knot what you might think

Austin Sanders October 16, 2013

Some may think the Boy Scouts of America are just outdoor experts, seeking to tie knots and start camp fires. If you're one of the people who see the Boy Scouts from this stereotypical point of view, you...

‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ should be a Wilde ride

David Mulhall October 16, 2013

The Trinity High School fall play, "The Importance of Being Ernest," has the potential to be a home run, according to members of the production that opens Nov. 6 and runs through Nov. 17 with 10 performances. Trinity...

No problem getting blood from Rocks

Ryan Coleman October 14, 2013

How many of us think the following: "I like to think that I'm not scared of much; but I have to admit there's one thing I just can't stand. Upon the sight of blood, I find myself wanting to quickly...

Reflection on a theme — guided by “Faith, Family, Fellowship,” seniors look to leave mark

Ryan Coleman September 27, 2013

Fides, Familia, Communio.  If someone were to hear those Latin words on the street, they probably wouldn’t have any idea what they mean. A Trinity student, however, would know exactly what they...

Bardstown Road zombies jump-start Halloween season

ECHO Staff September 25, 2013

Blood, rotting flesh and moans come to the mind when people think of the horrid creatures known as zombies. But these "fake creatures" became a physical obsession recently as thousands of them roamed the...

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