A Flourishing Freshman Basketball Team

A Flourishing Freshman Basketball Team

The 2024 freshman basketball Shamrocks have been thrashing opponents all winter season. The lineup has posted a record of 20-1 and is not putting on the breaks any time soon. These first-year players put up a fast-paced offense along with a steady defense. Preparation and motivation have led this team swiftly past opponents and they are not done yet.

The in-game results do not come naturally for these young Rocks; practice led by head coach Tyler Robertson has many levels that nourish the way they face challenges. Coach Robertson pointed out the fact that passing has led to a hefty offense. “If you’ve got a team that likes to share the ball and wants to work hard on the other end and make it hard for other teams to score, you can win some games.”

Trinity High School has affected these players in more ways than expected. The Trinity brotherhood has rained down on these freshmen and changed their point of view about leadership. Through the four hallways every day there are posters that read All In, All Trinity. This is a quote that these athletes live by in their style of play. Coach Robertson said,” I think they like playing for each other and that is what we try to do here at Trinity is trying to get the guys to buy in. The whole saying, all in, all Trinity, that is something we have always had going on here. They are playing for each other and playing for Trinity.” The results demonstrate how much these student athletes have benefitted from having a target to strive toward.

As described, this squad plays with a fast-paced offense and a thought to score quickly. The way the practice is run shows the preparation of how they can tire out opponents. When Coach Robertson began coaching at Trinity, he made sure he followed a coaching style like his sophomore and junior coach when he was in high school. He looks up to that coach, Greg Ramser, and Rick Pitino at St. John’s. “[Greg Ramser] was always good to us, took time to explain stuff to us, and I always took to that. The way he had a relationship with all of us I thought always helped. There are always the famous coaches too. I like the way Rick Pitino’s team plays.” The relationship between player and coach has granted this team a great record and certified team-bonding.

The Freshmen Basketball Rocks have two more games remaining against Floyd Central and Collins, and they look to extend their run. Go Rocks!

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