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From Russia to Trinity, Seniors Discovered Unique Connection

From Russia to Trinity, Seniors Discovered Unique Connection

Axel Halvarson, Staff Reporter

September 23, 2015

Most people know the backstories of their lives.  They know where they were born, why they were born in a certain location or the entire story of their parents.  These are facts that most people never think twice about. Though we didn't know each other before our freshman year at Trinity, the backstories...

The ACT — Far Too Much Emphasis on One Test

Ryan Cywinski, Staff Reporter

May 14, 2015

One measly test can be the deciding factor on whether you get into the college of your dreams or not. That's it. One test! There is far too much emphasis on ACT scores when applying to college. The ACT is not a good measure of how smart or hard-working a student is. The ACT really just measures how...

Retain a Bit of Integrity, Brian Williams — Resign

Ryan Kelly, Editor in Chief

May 13, 2015

How do you “misremember” having your helicopter shot down? That is something you probably would remember quite vividly. Nobody in America believes how Brian Williams “misremembered,” and apparently nobody in America should have believed anything he has said since day one anchoring NBC Nightly News. The...

Early Access Abused by Some Game Developers

Robert Davis, Staff Reporter

May 11, 2015

The entertainment industry is often held to a high standard of quality. So why is it that in the video gaming industry some developers can get away with flat out false advertising and a silencing of criticism? What makes this issue worse is the PC gaming service that offers many great features introduced...

Houses Built on a Firm Foundation

Holden Mathis, Staff Reporter

May 6, 2015

If you have attended Trinity for even a day, you would have the opportunity to experience the House system in action. From the start of my high school career, I was oriented into the House concept and involved in its activities. But Houses have not always been part of the school.  Up until 2001...

Blinded by the Screen

Daniel Russell, Staff Reporter

April 11, 2015

Technology is progressing faster than imagination in our society. The things humans are creating are mind altering. Technology is what makes our society progress, and it has the ability to send our world into the next generation, but at what cost? There are so many positives about the growing technolog...

A Long March to Freedom 50 Years Better — or Just Later?

Mrs. Betsy Darby, Trinity Teacher

March 31, 2015

On January 2, 1965, Martin Luther King Jr. led a meeting inside Brown Chapel in Selma, Alabama, to rally in favor of voting rights for blacks across the state. Nearly 700 residents of Selma and Dallas County packed the chapel. It was standing room only. During that meeting, King told them, “Toda...

Forecastle Festival Offers Unique Spirit of ‘Music, Art, Activism’

Daniel Russell, Staff Reporter

March 6, 2015

A place where there is no hate, anger, judging or sadness seems only written in a fairy tale. In reality, it can be experienced every year during the middle of July on Louisville’s own Waterfront Park. This fairy tale atmosphere is achieved with two simple things that can unite people from all...

Point / Counterpoint: Snow-Day Assignments

Tommy McConville & Daniel McCarthy

February 23, 2015

Snow-Day Assignments Benefit All Parties Editor in Chief Tommy McConville With the recent "snowmageddon" that hit Louisville, high-schoolers all over the state enjoyed no school, or did they? At the start of this school year, Trinity implemented the snow-day assignment feature on Rockspace. ...

Don’t Muddy the Purity of College Sports by Paying Athletes

Ryan Cywinski, Staff Reporter

February 4, 2015

It is no secret that some college athletes bring in millions of dollars to their respective universities through their play on the field.  It’s only fair that these athletes get their share of this money, right?  No, it is not.  As a matter of fact, this premise is ridiculous. Athletes on premier...

Ebola Not the Only Virus in the Room

Forde Womack, Editor in Chief

January 9, 2015

The Dark Ages had the black plague, the Colonial Age had small pox, the Industrial Age had the Spanish flu, and in the Scientific Age, we face the Ebola virus. Is an international outbreak in the near future?  Ebola started in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the mid '70s, early...

A Portrait of This Photographer as a Young Man

Forde Womack, Editor in Chief

December 16, 2014

The airplane smelled dank and soggy. A few seats over a girl in her twenties sat across from me, stretched out on four seats. I looked to my left and my grandmother sat with her mouth wide open, her snoring partially drowned out by the roaring of the airplane. We had left Kennedy Airport in NYC...

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