• Winter Break ...............................................................Feb. 17 -- Feb. 21
  • Sophomore Dance.................................................Feb. 4
  • Senior Prom................................................................................Mar. 10
Taking Time to See the Reason for the Season

Taking Time to See the Reason for the Season

Leo McAllister, Staff Reporter December 24, 2021

Walking through the mall, I decided to do something I -- and many of us -- don't seem to do nowadays: take time to look around. We walk past, but we do not internalize the beautiful and intriguing moments....

I noticed a playground with kids and parents laughing. I began walking over, but was met with wet and muddy grass.

Beware the Trip Down Memory Lane

Brandon King, Staff Reporter December 17, 2021

In search of memories, I was instantly met with the icy chill of winter attacking my nose and ears. I zipped up my coat, marched towards the cold, and headed for tiered rows of bleachers. They were turned...

The annual Louisville Turkey Trot took place on Thanksgiving morning.

A Trot to Glory

David Pfeifer, Staff Reporter December 16, 2021

As I pull into the parking spot, dreading having to surrender the warmth of the car, I prepare to face this cold, rainy Thanksgiving morning. Joggers are running alongside me, preparing for the 5K many...

A Search for Lights

Coilin Donaghy, Staff Reporter December 15, 2021

The front door isn’t even shut behind me before the winter breeze pushes back my jacket, and the wind howls in my face. Leaving the warmth of my home and voyaging into a cold, pitch-black night, I begin...

So much to see, so much to do. You’re lucky to observe most of it, as it is nearly impossible to observe all of it.

Sensory Overload at the Mall!

Mason Kolb, Staff Reporter December 14, 2021

So much happening in the blink of an eye, you’re certain to miss most of it. A couple walking left, two friends walking right, a family of four strolling right behind. This may come off as a recipe for...

From the lock on the bulletin board hangs a small, fuzzy black glove, which the owner probably wishes they hadn’t misplaced now. Turning to my left, I set off on my brisk evening walk.

So Very Much Along the Trail

Chris Raymer, Staff Reporter December 5, 2021

As I stray from the warmth and comfort of my car, out of the parking lot and onto the walking trail, the air hits me. There’s nothing like a November evening to chill you to the bone. I walk past a team...

Remembrances of Silent Ice

Remembrances of Silent Ice

Cole Boyce '21, Contributing Columnist July 7, 2021

My car door opens, meeting the sharp, crisp January wind biting at every opening in my jacket.  The ice beneath my feet is thin, but I know I am going somewhere with thicker ice. There is something...

Electronics Club member Eric Gallehr-Miracle 20 gets the prop to turn.

The Disassembly

Zachary Santana, Staff Reporter May 25, 2021

It was about 15 minutes past three in the afternoon. I and two others were working on a broken television set. As members of Mr. CM's Electronics Club, we were disassembling a TV to fix a lighting...

Senior Peter Nugyen and friends hit the slopes.

As Temps Hit 90, Remembering Those Older, Colder Days

Peter Nguyen, Contributing Columnist May 21, 2021

The alarm rang, and the clock said 8 a.m. If it were a school day, I would’ve gone right back to sleep. Instead, I jumped out of bed because today wasn’t like any other day. It was a Wednesday....

For This Senior Officer, Pandemic Doesn’t Define Us

For This Senior Officer, ‘Pandemic Doesn’t Define Us’

J.T. Evans, Contributing Columnist May 3, 2021

Our senior class is one like no other. We will forever be known as the “COVID” Class of 2021, who spent our entire last year dealing with a pandemic. We didn’t see our alphabetically opposite classmates...

Senior Class Officer: I Have Made Friends for Life

Senior Class Officer: ‘I Have Made Friends for Life’

Gehrig Hagedorn, Staff Reporter April 30, 2021

Wow! Where can I even start? In life, you will have your fair share of difficult moments. Everyone will. I learned this firsthand at Trinity High School. Of course, there are people who shy away from these...

Shamrocks 2020-21 theme poster

For This Senior, Trinity Became ‘Second Family’

Owen Neumayer, Editor in Chief April 29, 2021

Four short years at Trinity High School have come to mean so much more to me than I could have imagined. I knew these past four years would be important to my future and would make a lasting impact on...

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