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‘Halloween’ a Groundbreaker in the Slasher Genre

Ashton Sims, Guest Reviewer January 10, 2022

A masked man slowly walking around with a kitchen knife. Both unique and terrifying.  John Carpenter’s "Halloween" utilizes this image to frighten audiences of all ages. "Halloween," released in...

‘Savage Mode II’ an Eye-Opening Sequel from a Dynamic Duo

Nate Tencza, Guest Reviewer November 30, 2021

Batman and Robin. Sonny and Cher. Bert and Ernie.  Some of the greatest duos of all time. Maybe it's time we introduce Metro Boomin and 21 Savage to this conversation. With Metro Boomin’s cinematic-like...

‘Black Widow’ Succeeds with Strong Story and Acting

Sam Repp, Photography Editor October 25, 2021

The Red Room is falling from the sky, and as Natasha Romanoff jumps to catch her sister Yelena Belova, Taskmaster, one of the villains, jumps to catch Natasha before they hit the ground. That's a small...

‘The Suicide Squad’ James Gunn’s More Brutal Version of the Group of Vigilantes

Mason Kolb, Staff Reporter October 19, 2021

Fun, intriguing, and loaded with over-the-top violence, "The Suicide Squad" is a wild ride, but it’s not for everyone. After we got the travesty known as 2016’s "Suicide Squad," the DC Extended...

‘The Last Dance’ an Intriguing Look at Jordan’s Legacy 

Shane Limberg, Staff Reporter February 2, 2021

Sweat rolls down Michael Jordan’s face as the exhausted 35-year-old knew this was his last shot at winning a title. What turned out to be his sixth championship led to an ongoing debate about who...

Disturbing ‘Joker’ a Powerful Portrayal

Brady Monks, Staff Reporter December 16, 2019

It's simple. I saw it twice and I loved "Joker." Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal of Joker as psychotic doesn’t even feel like you're watching an actor act. It feels like you are watching a sad, confused...

‘It Chapter Two’ Not Bad, But Ending Falls Flat

Trevor Smith, Staff Reporter December 16, 2019

"It Chapter  Two" was an intriguing movie -- until the end. Trinity sophomore Brady Just summed up the way I felt through most of the film: He said, “The movie was very intriguing to watch.” Ms....

Don’t Waste Any Time — See ‘Yesterday’ Today

Sam Repp, Staff Reporter December 11, 2019

Jack Malik is riding his bike down the road in England. Out of nowhere a major power outage hits the whole world -- and Jack gets hit by a bus. This is the strange start to the movie "Yesterday," which...

Minecraft Allows Players to Create Their Own Stories

Alex Herman, Staff Reporter December 9, 2019

Have you ever wanted to settle down on a tropical island? How about live in a mansion at the foot of a mountain? While life may inhibit dreams from becoming reality, with Minecraft, the only thing holding...

Plenty of Family-Friendly Appeal

Chase Gravatte, Staff Reporter December 6, 2019

Tucked in the corner of a strip mall, it is almost impossible to see from the main road. At first glance it may seem like an ordinary cafe, but inside is a full-blown restaurant. Gracious Plenty is a little-known...

Burger Girl is Diner Perfection

Ben DiSanto, Staff Reporter December 5, 2019

After Bluegrass Burgers closed their doors in October 2018, restaurant owner Dan Borsch decided to bring the smell of hot food back to Frankfort Avenue with Burger Girl Diner. Borsch’s Burger Girl...

Plenty of Punch as Harlow Maintains Hometown Vibe

Zachary Crumes, Staff Reporter November 25, 2019

Punchline after punchline after punchline. A lot of the lyrics in modern day hip hop are empty. There are, however, a few fruitful punchlines that are indeed “Heavy Hitters." An example: “Shout-out...

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