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Stunning ‘Joker’ Takes Comic Book Films to a Disturbing Level

Preston Romanov, Editor in Chief November 21, 2019

If films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are based on shiny comics, then DC's "Joker" comes from the gritty, grimy pulp comics printed on rough paper. Driving through the streets of Gotham at night,...

Remembrance, Renewal and Reminder from the Powerful Light of Music

Lloyd Soards, Contributing Reviewer November 18, 2019

A powerful mixture of darkness and light. "Violins of Hope," a concert played by the Louisville Orchestra at the Kentucky Center for the Arts, featured eight violins played by Jewish musicians during the...

‘Hype’ Tantalizes with Lights but Leaves Us in the Dark

Gus Boyer, Contributing Reviewer November 18, 2019

The great rapper Nas said, “No idea is original; there’s nothing new under the sun; it’s never what you do, but how it’s done.” Theater has been around for millennia. Musicals are all too...

FLIK Makes Lunch One of the Best Parts of the Day

Tim Rivette, Staff Columnist December 21, 2018

  Students rush down the hallway, the smell of pizza, burgers, and burritos getting stronger by the step.  Finally, they sit down with a tray of delicious food. This is an average lunch period...

A Pipeline to the Heart of the ‘D’

Jack Wolfram, Contributing Writer September 20, 2018

From the first line alone, "Skeleton Crew" delivers an unexpectedly raw, meaty dose of reality.  The show isn’t a comedy; it isn’t a tragedy, either. Nor is it some fantastical figment of a stuffy,...

Where to Find the Best Roast Beef? — Right Down the Street

Todd Crenshaw, Staff Reporter April 4, 2018

Everyone loves a good roast beef sandwich, but sometimes a good one is hard to come by. What if you could find the best roast beef sandwich around from a store located right in Trinity’s backyard?...

Pinning Down Top-Notch Cuisine

Gus Boyer, Staff Reporter February 28, 2018

A colorfully dressed, bulky man climbs under the bright red ropes into the ring. A mask covering most of his face, the man’s identity is hidden by a tightly stretched piece of cloth. Ready for an exciting...

Powerful ‘American Assassin (2017)’ a Realistic Ride

Nick Cardosi, Staff Reporter January 3, 2018

A cinematic thriller filled with action, violence and drama, "American Assassin (2017)" reestablishes the modern assassin and might just be the next great assassin dynasty.   The film, focusing...

‘Game of Thrones’ Best of All Time

Theo Brainer, Staff Reporter January 3, 2018

Ned Stark slowly raises his massive Valerian steel sword above his head. With all his strength, he swings it down, beheading a soldier who betrayed him -- separating his head from his body.  This intense...

Early-Access PUBG Full of Adventure

Ben Metzinger, Staff Reporter December 19, 2017

What do skydiving, driving, fighting, scavenging and hiding have in common? They are components in the game known as "PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds." A quick summary for you: Shortly after joining a...

Iconic Zombie Show ‘The Walking Dead’ Always Entertains

Christian Howard, Staff Reporter December 19, 2017

Zombies, guts, guns, fighting, chaos, revenge, mystery and violence. Zombie apocalypse life isn't easy. See what it's like in the best show on TV, "The Walking Dead." The show has a wide range of characters,...

‘Baby Driver’ Takes Audiences on a Thrill Ride

Luke DeLeo, Staff Reporter December 18, 2017

The screeching tires, the loud banging sound of guns, and the sound of synced tunes. The expectations the audience had for this film did not disappoint. "Baby Driver," a film filled with action and...

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