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Nothing Offensive About This O-Line!

Nick Bradford, Staff Reporter November 18, 2015

“Sit where you’d like,” I was told as I walked into O-Line Sports Grill. They weren't overly busy, and I wondered if this was a good option for dinner; then I realized it was a Tuesday, about...

‘The Martian’ a Thrilling, Inspirational Journey

Robert Davis, Editor November 10, 2015

Stranded and alone on an empty planet with nothing but your wits and resourcefulness. This is the basis for the "The Martian," directed by Ridley Scott and adapted from the novel by Andy Weir. Astronaut...

Moving ‘American Sniper’ Evokes Silence

Daniel McCarthy, Staff Reporter February 26, 2015

There aren’t a lot of things that irritate me, but I can tell you that applause at the end of a movie is definitely near the top. Despite my irritation, that inevitable applause has concluded every movie...

‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ — Third Version Not Equal to the First, But Tops the Second

Robert Davis, Staff Reporter February 3, 2015

A strange breach has opened up in the sky right after the death of the grand cleric from a blast where you stand -- at the epicenter.  You awake with a strange marking on your hand that can close the...

‘The Imitation Game’ Portrays Unknown Hero of WWII

Sean Steer, Staff Reporter January 24, 2015

Everyone knows World War II heroes like Patton and Churchill, but most people haven’t even heard of Alan Turing.  That should change with “The Imitation Game,” a historical drama about Turing,...

Pink Floyd Meanders Down an ‘Endless River’ of Greatness

Daniel Russell, Staff Reporter January 21, 2015

Twenty years seems like a long time, but time is not relevant to legends. Albums like "Dark Side of the Moon," "The Wall," and "Wish You Were Here" etched Pink Floyd's name in history. There is no...

‘Interstellar’ a Mesmerizing Adventure

Forde Womack, Editor in Chief January 6, 2015

From a man who loves science, I felt honored to see "Interstellar." I was shocked but extremely happy at seeing an animated wormhole, as well as a black hole.  This was by far the most satisfying...

‘Game of Thrones’ — an excellent, multidimensional read

Robert Davis, Staff Reporter January 5, 2015

In a world where summers are short and winters last a lifetime, there is darkness in the air. In the North on the great wall guarded by the Night’s Watch, there are strange occurrences and the resurfacing...

Scattered Focus Leaves ‘Shady XV’ Just Okay

Zane Brenzel, Staff Reporter December 19, 2014

Rapper Eminem released his ninth studio album in his 18-year career on Nov. 24. The album, called "Shady XV," is his second album in two years. After a long two-year separation from the rap game,...

Even Without the Games, ‘Mockingjay Part I’ Tells Decent Story

Bob Heady, Staff Reporter December 19, 2014

“Mockingjay Part 1” is the movie rendition of the third book in the “Hunger Games” trilogy, which revolves around a girl named Katniss trying to survive in her society. The story centers on the...

New incarnation of ‘Cosmos’ a must-see

Sam Schafer May 23, 2014

  “Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives....

Forget SAGs, Globes and Oscars — it’s the Harris Top 15

Tyler Harris January 22, 2014

2013 was a rare year in which the concentration of flat-out grand cinematic gems was so high it’s truly impossible to narrow down a top 10 list that one could be completely content with. Therefore,...

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