• Opening Mass - August 25
photo by Leo McAllister and Whit Hilleary

Focusing on the Details

ECHO Staff January 11, 2022

Take some time to look around. Check out the myriad details that surround you.  Five ECHO reporters focused their lenses on Trinity's campus and came away with some interesting images.                

Trinity has taken multi-faceted steps to educate the community about systemic racism.

Rocks Adding Ways to Fight Systemic Racism

Mason Kolb, Staff Reporter December 30, 2021

One of the country's greatest dilemmas is how to end systemic racism. Trinity has taken a muti-faceted approach to fighting racism and exclusion. Trinity media specialist Mrs. Betsy DeGolian has been...

More than Just a Game

More than Just a Game

Matt Klein, Staff Reporter December 17, 2021

What seems impossible to some, is a passion for others.  That's the way it is with Francophone Scrabble (French-language Scrabble).  One of those passionate people is Trinity world languages teacher...

Woodworking that Hits the High Notes!

Woodworking that Hits the High Notes!

ECHO Staff December 1, 2021

We knew Mr. Scott Ross, Trinity's music teacher and Director of Ensembles, could guide his students to create beautiful music.  We now know Ross also excels in creating beautiful wooden objects. From...

STEM Club a Mix of Academic Disciplines

ECHO Staff November 30, 2021

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. Known collectively as STEM, these disciplines help make the world go round.  The STEM Club is led by moderator Mr. Stephen Hammer, who has been...

Environmental Club Makes Recycling a Priority

ECHO Staff November 29, 2021

The Environmental Club, moderated by Mr. Michael Budniak and Mr. Mark Amick, along with Mr. Seth Blakeslee's environmental science class have worked steadily throughout the semester to collect...

Safe Crossings for 22 Years

Brandon King, Staff Reporter November 26, 2021

Anyone who has driven Shelbyville Road at 3 in the afternoon knows the traffic is heavy and constant. Crossing the road at that time of day can be a dangerous endeavor. Ms. Lynnette Krebs, a Traffic Control...

Operations Crew -- Front Row: Mr. Jesse Bollinger, Mr. David Hicks, Mr. Daniel Schroan, Mr. Robert Sexton. Back Row: Mr. James Wright, Mr. Chad Baldwin, Mr. Patrick Norris, Director of Operations Mr. Bill Hogg

‘Everything at Trinity’ Involves Operations Crew

Leo McAllister, Staff Reporter November 22, 2021

From graduation and Opening Mass in Marshall Stadium to a lunchroom filled with hungry students, nearly every aspect of Trinity involves the Operations crew.    The clean classrooms, hallways and...

English teacher Mr. Alex Dotsey is in his second year at Trinity.

New Trinity Teacher Not Deterred by Pandemic

Coilin Donaghy, Staff Reporter November 19, 2021

It's never easy to transition to a new place. Imagine doing so in the midst of a global pandemic. Trinity English teacher Mr. Alex Dotsey took on that challenge, joining the Rocks faculty last year. “The...

Trinity math teacher Ms. Carol Comstock wrote and illustrated a book called The Most Amazing Pi.

Art Intersects Math in this ‘Amazing Pi’ Author’s Life and Classroom

Chris Raymer, Staff Reporter November 17, 2021

Few people are able to combine a passion for mathematics with a love of writing. Over the course of the pandemic, however, Trinity teacher Ms. Carol Comstock did just that. She is now a first-time published...

Members of the Rocks Robotics Club plan to take part in an end-of-the-year competition.

Robotics Club Turns Ideas into Reality

Garrett Smith, Staff Reporter November 11, 2021

“Let them take something from their mind and build it.” That sums up the goal of the Trinity Robotics Club, according to five-year moderator Mrs. Mary Mason. The club, which meets every Monday...

Cian Callahan, Class of 2019, pauses during the hectic school day to attend an Inner Peace Club meeting.

A Path to Inner Peace

Connor Nelson, Staff Reporter November 5, 2021

Even in normal times, stress can overtake a person’s day-to-day life. For many, the past 19 months of coping with Covid-19 have added new layers of stress.  Trinity's Inner Peace Club offers ways to...

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