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  • House Meetings.......................................................Feb. 20/21

  • Mother-Son Mass.............Mar. 5.........CelebraTion...........Mar. 11

  • Ash Wednesday............................................Mar. 1

Robotics Club Competes in ROBO Rumble

ECHO Staff

From Robotics Club moderator Mrs. Mary Mason: "Congratulations to Trinity’s Robotics Club for competing in their first-ever VEX Robotics Competition! Last weekend they attended the Governor’s ROBO Rumble Tournament ...

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Adiós a Nuestros Amigos Argentinos — Farewell to Our Friends From Argentina

Adiós a Nuestros Amigos Argentinos — Farewell to Our Friends From Argentina

ECHO Staff

Farewell to our friends from Argentina! For the past four weeks, eight students from Saint Ethnea in Argentina have attended classes at Trinity and stayed with Trinity host families.  The visit, designed as a cultural experien...

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Phoenix Rises in Trivia Night Overtime Battle with Flannan and Becket

Phoenix Rises in Trivia Night Overtime Battle with Flannan and Becket

ECHO Staff

Dante House finished as victor in the House Trivia Night contest. The Phoenix won in overtime. Flannan came in second and Becket third.  Mr. Matt Manning moderated the event as Mrs. Jackie Carrico and Ms. Mary Ann Snyder...

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  • Trinity Contingent Witness to Historic Inauguration February 15
  • Invaluable Lessons Learned by Teaching Overseas January 27
  • Rocks Attend Inauguration of 45th President, Visit Historic Landmarks January 26
  • Starting Christmas Vacation by Lending a Hand December 16
  • Trinity High School Hall of Fame Inducts Six New Members December 16
  • Rocks Share Spirit of the Season with Community Catholic December 14

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Costa Rica Trip a ‘Great World Experience’

Hunter Mulloy, Editor in Chief

Witnessing the wonderful and the terrifying, a Trinity group traveled to Costa Rica for the second time...

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Censorship in Video Games on the Rise

Alex Garbus, Staff Reporter

Video games are one of the most prominent forms of media in today’s world. As with other forms of media,...

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Serving Lunch to Shamrocks an Evolving Process

Hunter Mulloy, Editor in Chief

During this senior's time at Trinity, lunch has undergone a number of changes that many may not have...

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Not All Aces — Pros and Cons of the USTA

Sam Rueff, Staff Reporter

Who controls the yellow, fuzzy ball when the players do not? Many times it is the United States Tennis...

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Who will win the Division I NCAA college basketball championship?

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Mixed Reactions to ‘Fantastic Beasts’

Michael Payne, Staff Reporter

Want to be enthralled again by the Harry Potter movies? Want to become captivated with more of the magic universe? That will happen when you see "Fantastic Beasts and Where...

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‘Stranger’ Needs a Little Polish, a Bit More Background and a Lot Less CGI

Dominic Repp, Staff Reporter

The '80s are often described like a magical place and time on this earth, especially in America. As disco declined and newer waves of dance music emerged, children roamed freely on their bikes in their neighborhoods, and, of course, s...

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No New Body, But iPhone 7 Sports Some Positive Changes

November 29

Cellphones have been around for 40 years now -- from...

‘Magnificent Seven’ Surprisingly Good

October 18

Looking for a movie with classic style and modern effects?...

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Reflections from the Mat

Reflections from the Mat

Anthony Farias, Staff Reporter

Set yourself in a wrestling stance. Knees bent, chest over your thighs, and your eyes staring into your opponent’s. Boom boom, boom boom, boom boom…your heart races, pumping...

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Falling for Clickbait a Slippery Slope

Robert Davis, Editor in Chief

Clickbait plagues online journalism and the internet as a whole. Clickbait is the writing of titillating titles meant to incite emotion or curiosity so people click on articles...

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Nintendo’s Disregarding Fans an Unwise Move

Alex Garbus, Staff Reporter

In the video game industry, fans show their dedication by creating projects, ranging from a simple sketch of a favorite scene to an entire game set in a favorite universe....

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The student news site of  Trinity High School
The student news site of Trinity High School