Rocks Attend Nonviolence Symposium for Empowering Young Leaders


ECHO Staff

Eleven Trinity students attended the Louisville Engaging Nonviolence Symposium for Empowering Young Leaders. More than 100 JCPS and Catholic high school students took part in the Mar. 21 symposium, sponsored by the Drepung Gomang Center for Engaging Compassion and facilitated by former Trinity faculty member Cory Lockhart.

According to Trinity faculty representative Mr. Chris Luken, “Students learned about nonviolence, conflict resolution, compassion, and restorative justice. Students shared stories and perspectives from their own experiences.”

The Trinity students who attended were seniors Cam Warfield, Jack Travis, Stephen Mack, Mason Molinari, George Ferree and Lenny Garcia and juniors Manny Summers-Bates, Chaz Kapfhammer, Ben Ramsey, Aidan Jones and Jacob Tyler.